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Hello, I’m glad you’re here. I would want to take this opportunity to personally welcome you to this chapter, which details a stage in my life of conscious living. My name is Ibrahim Tiamiyu. My goals in starting this little blog about me is to inspire, encourage, and, maybe, improve someone’s life as well as mine in the process.

how it all started

What Is Life All About? Has been a question I’ve pondered to myself and questioned myself at a young age. Life is much more than our own self; it is rather touching people around us to leave a legacy, since it is what would be most meaningful to me personally. I have always thought that life is a gift intended to be treasured and make the most of. I’ve always thought that this presents a significant issue since I had and still have lofty views about what a proper legacy I should leave behind me.

One evening, I was talking with a friend when I had my epiphany and came to the realization that you don’t have to change the world or even be well-known to make a difference in people’s lives. Though not quite her words, per se. recognizing as well that the change we seek to bring about must always begin with the guy in the mirror. I started to think deeply, and this time, a lot of things were quite plain to me. We all aspire to greatness, want to be the best versions of ourselves, and other things. However, without the conscious mentality shift—which is the challenging part—this would only be a fantasy that would never come true. Doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome is insane, as Albert Einstein famously stated.

 I thus reached the conclusion that I had not yet attained my best self or, at the very least, a worthy enough state to pursue my life ambitions.
I have indulged in decadence and indiscipline for a while, formed unhealthy habits, mistreated my body, you name it.
I’m making the decision that it’s all over, and I’ll intentionally change for the better. So come along on this self-evolving adventure with me as we intentionally transform our lives from the ground up.
Whatever you desire to develop or produce is a result of you, whether it be goals, aspirations, dreams, or a legacy. Being in the finest possible condition—physically, mentally, and so on—will only hasten your arrival there.

I’ve decided to capture everything as a commitment to reinventing myself in the greatest way possible starting from the roots (All things great must have a solid foundation to stand the test of time). 

It may be described as striking two birds with one stone.
1. A task I gave myself to do with commitment, understanding that I will be putting my reputation on the line if I fail or drift.
2 Encourage and Motivate others to consciously take control of their life as well.

NOTICE: do not morally evaluate person’s habits, character, or manner of life. 
sincerely recognize that there may be opposing viewpoints on some problems, however despite that, am basing my content on my personal beliefs. 
firmly think that each person is the greatest judge of what areas of their life are worth enhancing for self-improvement.

The journey will be documented under Subject Area 

  • Dieting – We are what we eat.
  • Overcoming Addictions 
  • Life in the Gym
  • More subtopics will be included over time
  • Consciously adopting new positive ideas 
  • Anger and Ego manangement
  • Learning and Developing through mentors and books
  • More subtopics will be added later.
  • Style and Fashion – The way you dress you shall be addressed!
  • Friends  and Relationships
  • Social Networks 
  • The Journey 
  • Personal Goal in life
  • Travel Destinations
  • More to be added overtime.
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